When you own a business of any kind, part of your job is to prepare for disasters. Fires are common, and they can destroy your property and your belongings and equipment quickly and ferociously. That’s why you need a functioning fire sprinkler system. If your sprinklers don’t work right, contact Federal Fire Protection Corporation today. We offer fire sprinkler system repair in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas.


While we are proud to offer 24-hour fire sprinkler repair services for your peace of mind, that’s not all we do. Our team can also perform fire sprinkler testing to check and see if your system functions properly.

Certain parts of your system, such as the gauges of the pipes, need regular inspection once every few months. Other parts of the system, like alarm devices, control valves, and the hydraulics, need quarterly inspections. And each year, you should do an extensive inspection, just to make sure that your system will work perfectly in the event of a fire.

Federal Fire Protection Corporation offers all of these inspection services. You contact us, and we’ll make an inspection schedule that fits your needs. If we find any issues during our inspection, we’ll document them, tell you about them, and fix them quickly and efficiently.

If you notice problems with the fire sprinkler system yourself, you can rely on us for professional repairs at any time. Just give us a call, and we’ll be by your side as quickly as possible.
Fire Sprinkler Repair — Washington, DC — Federal Fire Protection Corporation


Federal Fire Protection Corporation has been around since 1975, so we have over 45 years of experience in the fire safety equipment industry. We’re experts at our jobs, and you can trust us to always be honest and open with you.
Give our team a call today at 301-261-4678 for fire sprinkler service in Washington, DC.
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